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We give objective opinions on financial and tax structures to ensure wealthy families are optimizing financial outputs available to them.

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  • A one-stop shop run by a trusted experts, covering topics as diverse as law, taxation, finance, real estate, business transfer, and estate transfer;​

  • Access to all financial products offered in the Canadian market rather than those of a single insurer or distributor of funds;​

  • A transparent fee structure instead of hidden administrative fees.

Our added value

Tax & Financial Solutions Ltd offers a different approach. We give you access to all the products available on the Canadian market while allowing you to enjoy attractive returns for transparent fees.


Additionally, we have the expertise to meet all your legal, financial and tax needs.

No conflict of interest

Most financial security advisors offer you the products of a single insurer or distributor of funds: the one that offers them the best commission. In our opinion, this is a blatant conflict of interest.


We are true brokers, not captive agents. By doing business with us, you will have access to all products available on the Canadian market, which we will analyze together to make the best choice for you.

Our areas of expertise


With more than 20 years of commercial law experience, we understand the structure of your business and can enhance it as needed. The goal is not to replace your lawyer and your notary, but to complete their work by offering you financial products tailored to your situation.


With a maximum tax rate of 53.31% in Quebec, all entrepreneurs can benefit from hiring the services of a tax specialist to minimize his or her taxes and those of his or her company. Many tax shelters offered by our laws are misunderstood or ignored by accountants, notaries, lawyers or advisors. We put our expertise at your disposal in clear language in order to lighten your tax burden.

Financial Planning

Nicolas St-Vincent, has an advanced financial planning diploma from the Canadian Bankers Institute, whereas most financial security advisors in Quebec are awarded that title after only some basic courses


We can therefore develop, objectively, savings and retirement plans, strategies for determining and reducing death taxes, as well as plans for the transfer of a business to children or employees. We are also trainers for the Quebec Tax and Financial Planning Association (APFF) for various law and accounting firms, as well as for two insurers held by the Power Financial Corporation.

Transfer of business

In Quebec, only 30% of SMEs manage to move from the first to the second generation and only 10% go to the third generation. Our firm has the legal, tax and financial expertise necessary to assist you in the transfer of your business.

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A Great Legacy.

Like you.

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